Battlefield V

tomoren a teaser ('sajnos' angolul), hogy mennyire idiota modon elszalltak ezzel a tortenelemhu (keszitok allitasa) jatekkal:

"Just a recap. British and American paratroopers (with one handicapped female) jump off a British tank, clear a house, then the British Ranger with the Katana flees from British Tanks, the sniper jumps onto a German Kettenkrad, drives past a British tank towing a German Flak and past a Tiger 1. Then a Messerschmitt crashes, you don't engage the pilot, pick up a MG42 with some muzzle break that never existed, watch British soldiers use a German PAK 40, then you run with German soldiers, shoot one, throw a Grenade that friendlies threw at the Germans back to your friendlies, but shoot it mid-air. Then you charge with Japanese soldiers (Axis) and pull out your German P38 that you had with you as a British Paratrooper that was driving on a tank. After the V1 detonates a German paratrooper, or the pilot of the downed Messerschmitt strangles you and the crippled woman comes to kill him, when suddenly German paratroopers came in a formation normally the Americans would use."
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